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037 - Interest Icons, Part Two


Icons for aftereightmints, dearfirstlove, hugsiez, hoosier, myst56, shadowhuntress, timebomb, and xo_bodigulpa_ox.

nm973, I didn't forget you. However I AM working on 50 icons of John Krasinski for the Phuck Attack Challenge. If you can wait out til then, you'll have 50 icons of him to choose from. :D (Otherwise...tell me and I'll make you some interest icons a-s-a-p.)

My standard was three icons, really - it just so happened that some had way more variations and stuff like that than others. :)

35 Icons all in all. Shareable!
Fandoms include: Lots of PRISON BREAK, CSI:NY, some hockey, Harry Potter, and more.

- COMMENTing is love.
- CREDIT is fantastic. Don't claim them as your own.
- HOTLINKING isn't nice.
- Blanks AREN'T bases.
- Keep them on LJ or GJ only.
- NOMINATIONS are more than welcome. (Just tell me 'bout them, yeah?)

For aftereightmints:
Prison Break (Michael Scofield/Sara Tancredi)

For dearfirstlove:
Blood Ties (Vicki Nelson), Ronald Weasley, Harry Potter (the fandom ---> The Weasleys)

For hugsiez:
Maroon 5, Dwayne Johnson

For hoosier:
Detective Don Flack, CSI: NY

For myst56:
Prison Break (MICHAEL SCOFIEEEEEELD) (the second to the last one = JOKE)

For shadowhuntress:
Hustle, Marc Warren, Jack Davenport

For timebomb:
Sufjan Stevens, The Office (courtesy of Glarkware), Steve Carell

For xo_bodigulpa_ox:
Joe Sakic (Colorado Avalanche), Edward Norton

Again, please remember to credit caffrey or canadianmobster. :) Thanks, guys.

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UP NEXT: COUPLES COUPLES COUPLES! Jesse Spencer + Jen Morrison from InStyle Weddings. David + Victoria Beckham from W Magazine. Orlando Bloom + Evangeline Lilly from various manips made by people. XD THEN a JKRAS explosion for the PHUCK ATTACK CHALLENGE. ♥
Tags: graphics: requests, icons, icons: actors, icons: blood ties, icons: harry potter, icons: hustle, icons: multifandom, icons: musicians, icons: prison break, icons: sports, icons: television, icons: the office

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