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035 - Interest Icons, Part One

Here is part one, for the first six who commented on the post. Crazily multifandom! I really liked this batch because of its simplicity.

23 Icons all in all. Shareable! =)
Made for vylentcrymz, sparkling_chan, mistyladybug, daynawashere, corellianjedi and sugarpromises.

- COMMENTing is love.
- CREDIT is fantastic. Don't claim them as your own.
- HOTLINKING isn't nice.
- Blanks AREN'T bases.
- Keep them on LJ or GJ only.
- NOMINATIONS are more than welcome. (Just tell me 'bout them, yeah?)

For vylentcrymz:
Private Practice (Addison/Dell), Kate Walsh, Grey's Anatomy (Alex/Addison)

Okay, so technically the first two aren't in your interest list, but they're in your userinfo thingamajig, which is just as reliable (if not moreso.) :P

For sparkling_chan:
Chris Daughtry, Evangeline Lilly, Lost (Sawyer/Kate)

For mistyladybug:
WWE (sorta John Cena), House (Cameron/Wilson), Super Mario Brothers

For daynawashere:
House MD/Lost (Chase/Littleton), Addison Montgomery, Grey's Addison's Anatomy

For corellianjedi:
Tom Jeter, Christopher Moore, Carlton Cuse & Damon Lindelof

For sugarpromises:
Say Anything, Damien Rice, Hockey (Toronto Maple Leafs)

I hope to God you're a Leafs/Sundin fan like myself. I just surmised that from seeing where you were from. Otherwise, I can totally make you a new third icon. XD

Again, please remember to credit caffrey or canadianmobster. :) Thanks, guys.

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UP NEXT: The rest of the interest icons. Ocean's 13. JKras. OB. :)
Tags: graphics: requests, icons, icons: actresses, icons: addison's anatomy, icons: evangeline lilly, icons: films, icons: house md, icons: kate walsh, icons: lost, icons: multifandom, icons: musicians, icons: sports, icons: studio 60, icons: television, icons: wwe

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